Pizza, Bugs and Fun – JUG Wallonie

Saterday 2018–09–08

Table des matières

1. Installation

On localhost,

Package used,

Install Patch-tester

2. Observations

2.1. Filter set but no visual indicator on screen

tested on Alpha 5

I’ve set a filter to see only Branch 4.0-dev and it works perfectly but, on the screen, once the filter has been applied, I didn’t see any indicator for telling to me which column contains a filter.

If possible, it’ll be nice to see that a column contains a filter (putting the name of the column Branch f.i. with a background color) and to see the value of the filter (showing a little tooltip on the Branch column with the used filter i.e. 4.0-dev here).

A filter has been set to Branch=4.0-dev

A filter has been set to Branch=4.0-dev

It works perfectly but there is no visual indicator

It works perfectly but there is no visual indicator

2.2. Sort indicator not displayed

tested on Alpha 5

By setting a filter on a column (Ascending or Descending) there is no visual indicator telling the user which column is filtered and how (ASC or DESC).

There is no visual indicator for sorted columns

2.3. Installation of language during the install process

tested on Alpha 5

With the Joomla installer, I’ve added the French language during the installation but French was not installed: not in the list of Installed languages in the backend.

Note: I’ve installed French, the interface is really nice (the “install” button on the left on every languages is really useful).

Actual situation: Just after the installation, we need to leave that screen and go to System → Manage -> Language(s) (a first screen), select the language (French) and set it as default (in a second screen). It’s stupid but I’ve searched for this a while.

Perhaps one suggestion: from that Install Languages screen, is it possible to activate the language? Just after the installation of French, perhaps Joomla can provide a way (a Javascript Popup) to “Do you want to switch the interface in {installed_language}?”

Installed language

2.4. Hiding the left menu after selection

tested on Alpha 5

By clicking on the left menu, f.i. on the Components icon, the item’s list is displayed and remains displayed after the selection.

Here below, I’ve click on “Joomla! Patch Tester”.

Hiding the left menu after selection

Question: is it possible to auto-close the list of items since this is the first thing we probably do once the desired screen has been put on screen.

2.5. The menu appears without reason

tested on Alpha 5

In Patch Tester, I’ve clicked on Apply patch and, after having tested the patch, on Revert the patch.

Each time the left menu is showing again.

2.6. The notification area is broken

tested on Alpha 5

On the Articles: Edit screen, by clicking on the notification icon (showing there is 3 messages) give a broken area.

The notification area is broken

2.7. Github issues

2.7.1. Issue [4.0] Dropdown menu overflow #22015

tested on Alpha 5

Indeed, a long text isn’t nicely displayed.